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Nova Scotia

Contractors and Operators Best Management Practices Manual


Welcome to the latest edition of the Nova Forest Alliance Best Management Practices (BMP) Manual. It was prepared through the diligent efforts of a number of individuals and organizations that work together to improve forestry practices in Nova Scotia.

The manual is the basis for training sessions offered by the Forestry Safety Society of Nova Scotia. Many of the fundamental procedures and practices remain unchanged from the 2007 edition of the manual. The format has been improved so that information may be found more easily. Good forestry is a process of continuous improvement, and this manual sets the bar a little higher for practitioners of forest management in the province.

The manual is intended to be a reference that can be kept handy at the job site. It is the product of more than a decade of collaboration and revision. We hope that it will be used by all contractors and woodlot owners who wish to operate safely, efficiently and with respect for the environment.

Nearly three-quarters of Nova Scotia’s forest land is under private ownership. Of paramount importance are the landowners’ visions for the future of their properties. This manual suggests effective ways of working with woodlot owners to achieve their objectives. Other sections describe procedures that are valuable in recognizing significant wildlife habitat, the proper construction and maintenance of woodlot roads, safe handling and storage of fuel and oils, and harvesting methods that require ecological consideration of each forest site.

An increasing public scrutiny of forest practices and greater demand for products from well-managed forests indicates that a multitude of techniques must be used in managing forests. This manual lays a foundation for procedures that most woodlot owners and forest contractors implement on a regular basis.

With ever-increasing demands on Nova Scotia’s forests to provide ecological and economic values to society, woodlot owners and contractors must exhibit – by practice – a progressive approach towards sustainable forest management.

We hope that this manual lays the groundwork for efficient and effective harvesting of wood fiber, respect for wildlife habitat and the prudent renewal of our forest resources. We recognize that this manual is a work in progress and welcome your feedback.

Yours sincerely, Nova Forest Alliance BMP Working Group.

New Brunswick

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